Registration closed

Registrations* for the Symposium can be made up to and including the start day of the Symposium. In-person inn will be enabled on the start day.

Payment available in Chilean pesos (CLP), Dollars (USD) and through transfer banking. If you have questions about registration, write to

*Note: On the occasion of my participation in the XIV International Symposium on Genetic Resources for America and the Caribbean (SIRGeAC 2023), I authorize and accept that the Agricultural Research Institute (INIA) and the Austral University of Chile (UACh), organizing entities of the event, use and disseminate the photos and videos that may have been taken within the framework of the event and in which my image may appear, being able to publish them, produce them, reproduce them, edit them, perform them publicly and transmit them in Chile and abroad, exclusively for the purposes of communication and promotion of the realization and presentation of its results.

No type of payment or consideration will be generated for the rights indicated above.

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